Universal Life Energy

What is Universal Life Energy?
“Universal Energy is the Blood of the Eternal”

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Universal Life Force Energy is the first Primal manifestation of the Great Principle ~ our Creator. ULFE expresses itself and makes itself known; it is in All the forces in the Universe.  ULFE is in All living things; It is everywhere; It is limitless; All powerful and It is flowing through All Life and It is as essential to us as the Air that we breath.

Universal Life Force Energy is the “KEY TO ALL POWER,” It unlocks all the latent; All Powerful Forces in Mankind.  ULFE fills every cell, every major and minor organ of our Body, Mind and Spirit, awarding us and renewing our personal fund of Life Force Energy that assists us with our daily activities.

When we make contact with Universal Life Force Energy we are personally making contact with The Great Principle, our Creator; It awakens and strengthens the All Powerful relationship with our Creator, Nature, and with one another – we are not and never have been separated from these unions.  The more we make contact with Universal Energy, the more enlightened and perfected our human activities become.






Universal Life Force Energy and the Law Of Attraction - The Law Of Love

When we make a conscious contact with Universal Life Force Energy we activate and align ourselves with the aspects of the Law Of Attraction and the Law Of Cause and Effect – where our attention goes energy flows and what we set into motion (Cause,) will always have a return (Effect.)  When we make the contact with ULFE daily, we build in us a reservoir - a continual ever flowing and ever increasing Life Force Energy in ourselves. It is our privilege and our duty to power our lives and exchange with others this All Powerful gift of Energy gifted to us from our Creator.

The Key to All Power

Exercise for Making the Mental Contact with Universal Life Energy:

In order to contact Universal Life Energy mentally, relax as completely as you can, physically, mentally and emotionally.  When you feel Harmony within you as a result of that relaxation, then say aloud the following words: “I AM ONE WITH UNIVERSAL LIFE ENERGY, IT IS FLOWING THROUGH ME NOW. I FEEL IT.”  This statement can be repeated several times, but the important point is not the successive repetitions of it, but the realization of its meaning.  The clearer the realization the better the results.  Thus, you open the mental door, which separated the life force within you from the Life Energy without.  And, the force within, because of its inherent quality of Attraction, contacts the Force from without, which then begins to flow through you with an ever-increasing power, purifying and invigorating you all the time.  The more you use that Force, the more it is supplied from the Infinite Source.

See the Star Exercises educational page for detailed instructions on how to build Universal Life Force Energy using the Star Exercises.

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