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In the early 1900’s the Baron Eugene Fersen revived for Humanity, three of the most powerful exercises for making a conscious contact with Universal Life Energy; two he made public in his teachings called, “The Mental Contact,” (see the Universal Life Energy page for this exercise,) and “The Star Exercise” also known as “The Five Pointed Star Exercise”; the other was, “The Six Pointed Star Exercise,” for the Sixth Race of Humanity; this Star Exercise he taught to his students personally and we want to share it with all of you now.






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The “Star Exercise,” is indeed a “Key to All Power,” as it unlocks and brings forth in Man all his latent powers and forces.  It is when the human body takes the position as shown in the diagrams following that the actual contact of life energy within is made with the Universal Life Energy without.  Stand straight, but relaxed, with legs spread at a degree corresponding to the design, the arms stretched to either side on a level with the shoulders, with head erect, and your body will fit into the five-pointed star.  Even the proportions of a normally built body will correspond to the figure of the star.  The head fit into the upper point, the two arms into the two side points, the torso into the center, and the legs into the two lower points.  The palm of the left hand should be turned up, and that of the right down.  The whole body must remain erect, but not tense.  The palm of the left hand turned up, draws in through its complicated network of nerves the Universal Energy present in the surrounding atmosphere and the stream of Life Force pours into the body because of the attraction exercised on it by the inner magnetic life force of the body itself. Thus, is established a current of Universal Energy, penetrating from the Infinite Source into the human body, invigorating it and purifying it and flowing out of it only to return with ever increasing power.  Not only through the left hand does the Life Force penetrate into the body, it pours in also through every cell and very strongly through the solar plexus.  Shortly after having taken the position you begin to feel a certain heaviness in the palm of the left hand.  It is as if a heavy ball were pressing on the palm.  And, one is sensible of a kind of tingling in the fingertips of the right hand.  These two feel that the contact is established.

The Star Exercise


Here are a few more important points to be remembered in connection with this exercise.  The best times to perform it are in the morning, immediately after getting up, before doing anything else, and at night before going to bed.  Making the contact with Universal Life Energy combined with Sun Gazing is most beneficial to one’s health.

Star Group                                       Star Children

Three to five minutes are all that is needed to perform the Star Exercise.  For beginners, it would not be advisable to do it longer, because of the very strong inflow of life forces.  But, later on when the body becomes accustomed to that flow of life currents, the duration of the Star Exercise can be prolonged to fifteen minutes and the exercise taken more than twice a day.  During that exercise, one ought to be dressed as lightly as possible, in order to leave the body free and without pressure on any part of it.  The exercise should be performed in front of an open window and never be taken immediately after a meal.  At least an hour must elapse between the two, otherwise nausea and sometimes indigestion may result as the life current has the same effect on digestion as an electrical storm has on milk.  It curdles the food in process of digestion, because of its strong chemical actions.  Deep, rhythmic breathing is very helpful in connection with the exercise, because of the stimulating effect of the oxygen.  In the beginning, one’s arms may feel tired in the performance of the exercise.  No effort should be used to keep the arms up in their proper position.  Let them drop, and lift them again when rested.  Otherwise, the tension of the muscles and nerves resulting from a prolonged forced elevation of the arms will counteract, to a great extent, the flow of the Force through them.

The exercise works so automatically that there is no imperative need to think about the Force flowing through the body.  It will flow anyway, because of the Law of Attraction (also known as the Law of Love & Harmony).

Star Exercise

Six-pointed Star Exercise ©

This Six Pointed Star Exercise is another “Key To All Power,” Universal Life Energy exercise to expand the Life Force within you.  The position opens up other channels of energies and works to align the energy body and the pineal gland; it opens up a connection to the Higher – Self therefore higher realms of knowledge.  The Six Pointed Star is the Star of Balance or Wisdom; it evokes in us the Wisdom that we need on the Earth to bring to us that All Wisdom and Knowledge and assist in us The Flame Of Love.

Follow the same instructions as above in the Five Pointed Star Exercises except, the position your body will take is as shown in the picture above.  Feet should be shoulder width apart, knees slightly bent, arms up palms of your hands are just slightly over your head with elbows slightly bent and your palms turned slightly inwards, face the sky – slightly bend your head back as if you are looking through the gateway of your hands towards the sky.  Remember to relax and if this is uncomfortable for you in anyway do not do it.  If you are physically challenged with this pose, then sit in a chair and hold your hands in a Sphere pose in front of you and slightly tilt you head back or prop your head if this hurts your neck and follow the instructions for the Star Exercise above (Five Pointed Star Exercise,) remember to breath slow rhythmic breaths; concentrate on the thought of Balance and Wisdom and ask that those Energy Channels open up in you.

I advise students to keep a journal close by; after you are done with this exercise write the inspirations that you hear from within down in a journal and watch the Wisdom from within you unfold.

Star Exercise for Children

The Star Exercise is exceedingly beneficial to children.  It stimulates all of their bodies, especially their brain centers, and those glands which play such an important role in their growth and development.

The Star Exercise is good for everyone, no matter their age or physical condition.

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